Pictures Opening 10/09/2013

Friends, family and random guests,

Thank you so much for coming to the show, it took two days to clean up! What a turn out, what a great night, could not have asked for more! Please look forward to another “installation event” before the show is taken down. Please enjoy the images from the night, below.


The show is up till January 9, 2014, email or call 310-795-2658 to set up a viewing, night is the best time for experiencing the qualities of the installation.


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_DSC2380 _DSC2448 _DSC2782 _DSC2769 _DSC2822 _DSC2697 _DSC2683 _DSC2633 _DSC2630 _DSC2501 _DSC2787 _DSC2537



Personal Collection 18 x 6 x 14 in (46 x 21 x 36 cm) Solid paint, doost, glass, cardboard, concrete, steel, 135 pieces of pieces started in 2001 10 Limited edition of prints each artist available printed on fujiflex mounted on Dibon

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"Society of Motion Pictures" Fujiflex prints mounted on dibon 24 x 2 x 32 in (61 x 5 x 81 cm) executed in 2013 ed of 10

“Society of Motion Pictures”_DSC2449 _DSC2435 _DSC2439