Doost is my medium, used in all my work. An extremely retro-reflective fine glass dust, manufactured using a secret process, one that involves high heat, immersion and intense pressure. It produces an ostensible color when added to my highly vibrant monochromatic colors.

"Doost" Glass dust 5 different applicators Conceptualized in 2004 Produced in 2006

Glass dust
5 different applicators
Conceptualized in 2004
Produced in 2006

In the past, I was working with glass pearls, larger glass spheres, that are commonly used on street paint. As my practice evolved, I outgrew the pearls and wanted something that was similar to dust yet still retained the same qualities as the glass pearls.

I wanted to reproduce the look of the vintage pull down overhead projector screen, similar to the silver screens of yesterday; silver paint and glass. It was this screen like quality I was searching for, I spent a years in the production phase and finally after a lot of experimentation, headache and research. Doost was born in 2006.

Doost proved to be an answer to my problem, it adhered beautifully to my paint and created just the look I desired. Doost is the finest, reflective non-toxic glass dust in America, measuring in at 46.5 microns, measuring at 1.5 on the refractive index.

Doost creates a solid tight reflection, the surface extends an ostensibly soft inviting glow which subtly moves with ambient and directional light.

I incorporate Doost using a gravity-drop method, since the dust is glass it does naturally age. Doost is used in all my work.