Micah William Grasse is a Los Angeles based visual artist, born on the run and brought up in the high desert of Los Angeles County, Micah was put to work at an early age.  Micah spent his youth working with heavy machinery in construction yards across California and Colorado.  A voracious reader, Micah always had a desire to explore the intellectual and artistic realms that were so foreign to the culture in which he was raised.

Micah worked his way to obtaining a BFA at the University of Colorado, and a MA at the University of Southern California, satisfying his thirst to understand academia and refining his art while studying under the artist Albert Chong.

Micah’s art is as complex and diverse as the artist himself, but he has focused much of his attention on photography, paint, and glass. But just as Micah’s experiences are expansive, his art and the mediums he uses are also expansive.  Micah has been an author, teacher, sculptor, fashion designer, art installer, offshore oil rig roughneck and everything in between.  He has followed his work across the United States, to the oil fields of the Arabian Sea, and through China, India, Western Europe, and Thailand, but he always finds himself back in Venice Beach, where he keeps a permanent studio like a wandering dog keeps a hidden bone. Micah’s work and life experience could satisfy ten lives, but for Micah they are merely colors he collects for his next piece, reflecting a deeper beauty that is tied to a universal socio-critical message of self development.

In 2006 Micah created Doost, a highly reflective brightly colored glass dust that was used to create “Ostensibly Colored Monochromatic Screens,” as well as Micah’s latest series entitled “Society of Motion Pictures.”

When Micah is not in his studio working he enjoys sailing, reading, exploring, and cooking.