Group Show – Sunrise: California 8| Opening Saturday, December 5th at IPNT gallery, Venice, California


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Sunrise: California 8. The Greatest Group Show ever assembled in Venice, an art event by IPNT Gallery, Sat. Dec 5th

VENICE, California – December 5, 2015 – The I’d Prefer Not to Gallery, 607 1⁄2 7th Ave, Venice, will open it’s fourth and final show, 6-10p.m, Sunrise: California 8, featuring California artist’s:

Barbara Diebenkorn
Molly Collins
Marciel Meza
Gene Arnoldi
PJ Fidler
Gregory Michael Hernandez
Brendan Leech
Lisa Ruscha
John Barron
Jed Moses
Jason Redwood
Micah Grasse
Nick Potash
Don Baldessari
Michael Matheson
Sky Stern
Vern Trindad
Juice Martinez
Cindy Altoon


On view until December 15th, this don’t miss experience will eternalize IPNT’s gallery’s creative use of the Venice Beach teardown property. Admission is Free.

This year’s final exhibition, The Greatest Group Show ever assembled in Venice, featuring all California artists. An off the grid art exhibition about the California Sunrise because the California sunset sold out, an anticipated and effortless commonality, a narcissist. This show the sunset dies.

The Sunrise is solitude and has to be earned: the quiet self observer of the day’s silent beginning, bashful beauty, guileless energy, the bloom of the mysterious day. A sunrise takes effort, the quiet blush of sun events, raw and full of heart.

Onward and Upward.


The gallery invites participants to come experience an authentic and disappearing experience in Venice. By becoming one with the experience, viewers will capture not only a reflection of themselves, but also a relic of a Venice art space unlike any other.

For more information and appointments, please email or call 310.795.2958.

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I Would Prefer Not To Gallery. Venice. California. 90291.