Micah Grasse | The Last Show of a Recovering Artist| Opening Saturday, September 12th at IPNT gallery, Venice, California


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THE LAST SHOW OF A RECOVERING ARTIST An immersive art event by Micah William Grasse, Sat. Sept. 12th

VENICE, California – September 12, 2015 – The I’d Prefer Not to Gallery, 607 1⁄2 7th Ave, Venice, will open it’s third and final show, 6-10p.m, The Last Show of a Recovering Artist, featuring multimedia artist Micah William Grasse. On view until October 12th, this don’t miss experience will eternalize Grasse’s creative use of the Venice Beach teardown he transformed. Admission is Free.


Ghostmodernism 114.3cm x 71.72cm, Vintage Neon, Doost, white acrylic paint.

This year’s exhibition, The Last Show of a Recovering Artist highlights hand-bent neon and Grasse’s signature reflective medium, Doost. The artwork, including palm tree vistas and a one legged androgynous un-documented legend, typifies the artist’s “Casual-Formalism-Ghost-Modernist” ethos, a juxtaposition of playfulness, studied formalism and the end of everything. With humor and through the luminescent ephemeral vista Grasse has created, he hopes to “blur the line between art and audience, exhibition and perception, market and value to reveal how individual perspective shape our experiences and ultimately culture.”

The gallery invites participants to snap a “selfie” and bask in the color-saturated light. By becoming one with the experience, viewers will capture not only a reflection of themselves, but also a relic of a Venice art space unlike any other.

For more information and appointments, please email ipntgallery@gmail.com or call 310.795.2958.

Visit Micah on instagram @grassestudio or visit www.micahwgrasse.com


I Would Prefer Not To Gallery. Venice. California. 90291.