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IPNT GALLERY presents ARE WE NUTS, the newest immersive art event by MICAH WILLIAM GRASSE


 An immersive art event by MICAH WILLIAM GRASSE, Sat, Dec. 6

 VENICE, CALIFORNIA (December 6, 2014) – Saturday, Dec. 6 from 6 – 10 p.m., the IPNTgallery, 607 1/2 7th Ave., Venice will become a colorful satire on the world of art collecting through exploring the work of multimedia artist MICAH WILLIAM GRASSE with the opening of his show, ARE WE NUTS. Admission is free.

 At last year’s interactive event, Cowboy or Indian 2013, Grasse transformed IPNTgallery into an Acid Western wonderland. This year, ARE WE NUTS takes us into an altered vista with hand- bent neon and his signature medium Doostwhere he repurposes a Venice Beach tear- down property into a luminiferous inversion of the art world. His casualformalistworks are hybridized with neon, canvas, paint, steel and glass.

 On opening night, participants can interact with his art by snapping a “selfie” in his neon-saturated, retro-reflective Polaroid booth. They may also choose to adorn themselves with a stick and poke tattoo or simply glow in the red neon light of his current work as they reflect on his Doosted canvasses.

 At this event, the art is the experience. Like the Japanese Mono- ha movement from which Grasse draws his inspiration, his events are sublimely temporary, and hence his moniker is contemporary temporary.

 When asked why he would rent a tear-down property and transform it into an interactive art event, Grasse reflects,“Through my art I attempt to empower my audience by revealing how their personal perspective creates tangible effects on the world. At times, my art may be viewed as social commentary, but in fact it is merely an attempt to highlight the reality that our individual perspectives are what shape society. We are only victims if we believe that we are outside the power structure, which is why I focus on reaching a broad audience both inside and outside of the traditional art market.”

 Grasse events form an in-world narrative engaging the audience to become the art. Get nuts with IPNTgallery for an unapologetic crack at art mania, ARE WE NUTS.

 MORE: ARE WE NUTS runs through February 2015. For appointments, please email ipntgallery@gmail.com or call (310)795-2958.

 FOLLOW MICAH ON TWITTER@grassestudio or INSTAGRAM@grassestudio, or Visit http://micahwgrasse.com/